An introduction to WCAS Verification.

We want to ensure that all collectors listed on our directory, are trustworthy and law-abiding. To achieve this, we have created the WCAS verification program which involves an initial assessment as well an ongoing agreement that our collectors must adhere to.

An introduction to WCAS Verification

Everything you need to know about the WCAS Verification process.

Initial assessment

Any collector who wishes to join our directory will need to complete the initial assessment. This process involves providing copies the following documents* to our team, after applying for membership.

Waste Carrier License proof that you are permitted to collect scrap.
Scrap Collector Licenses proof that you have permission to collect scrap from all of the boroughs that you operate in.
EU/UK Drivers License & Scrap Carrier Insurance proof that you are driving legally and responsibly.
Basic CRB Check proof that you are trustworthy.

* All documents must be in the same name as the Waste Carrier License

Ongoing agreement

In addition to passing our assessment, collectors must sign our ongoing agreement and must abide by these terms in order to remain on our directory. To see the full agreement, scroll to the bottom of this page.

General conduct collectors must be polite & courteous, reliable and conscientious of safety.
License renewals when any of the documents provided during the initial assessment expire, collectors are required to provide proof of renewals.
WCAS badge collectors are required to display the WCAS verification badge on their vehicles at all times to reassure customers.

If we receive any reports from customers that this agreement has been breached, we will investigate thoroughly and reserve the right to remove our collectors from the directory.

Simple but effective...

We are the only regulated scrap directory in the country.

Below you will find a full copy of the ongoing agreement that is signed by every collector listed on our directory. If you have any questions or concerns, click below.

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1. General conduct

  • 1.1 (Polite & Courteous) - when collecting scrap for WCAS customers, you must be polite & courteous towards customers. This includes being friendly, helpful, honest and ensuring that customers feel comfortable and in no way intimidated. Any offensive language, racism, insults, personal attacks and violence is absolutely forbidden and you will be permanently removed from the directory if you are found to be conducting yourself in this manner.

  • 1.2 (Reliablity) - when you agree to collect for a WCAS customer, you must make every effort to provide the service in a reliable manner. If you are unable to make a collection appointment, or you are going to be late, you must call the customer and notify them in advanced, offering to reschedule the collection if necessary. Repeated failure to make collections may result in your removal from the directory.

  • 1.3 (Safety) - you must adhere to all industry safety requirements, including the correct use of safety equipment and procedures. In addition, all general Health & Safety regulations must be taken seriously and adhered to at all times. WCAS customers should never be involved in loading scrap onto your vehicle(s).

2. Eligibility

  • 2.1 (License Renewals) - during the initial assessment you will be required to provide a number of documents and licenses to prove that you are a law-abiding scrap collector. When any of these documents and licenses expire, you will be required to provide proof of renewal. Failure to do so (on or before the date of expiry) will result in automatic removal from our directory. In this situation you will also be required to remove the WCAS badge from your vehicle(s). Once you provide the proofs of renewal, you will be re-instated on the directory as long as your membership is still valid.

  • 2.2 (Conduct) - failure to adhere to the conduct agreements above, may result in permanent removal from the directory. In this situation you will also be required to remove the WCAS badge from your vehicle(s) and you will not be refunded for your membership.

  • 2.3 (Membership) - failure to pay your annual membership fees will result in automatic removal from our directory. In this situation you will also be required to remove the WCAS badge from your vehicle(s).